Got Questions?

Q. How much do you charge?

Every gig we play is unique and catered for the individual so we always cost accordingly. It depends on a lot of factors that we would discuss with you before giving you an informed and competitive quote. For example, the distance of the venue from us, the number of sets, the size of band required, and whether you need additional music in-between live sets are amongst some of the things that we would need to consider. We’ll talk through some suggestions with you and create the perfect entertainment package for your evening.

Q. Where are you based and how far will you travel?

We are based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales but we’re willing to travel if your event is further afield.

Q. Does the band have PAT certificates and public liability insurance?

Yes we have Public Liability insurance and all of our equipment is PAT tested. We carry a copy of the documents just in case.

Q. What songs do you play?

We play a whole range of songs from many genres with songs for every age group; from Stevie Wonder to Pink Floyd to Aloe Blacc. From the Rockin' 50's up to the current hits in the charts, we will tailor our set list to play what you want to hear. We're very good at reading the crowd and will make changes during our performance to suit the crowd and keep them dancing.

Q. What happens during your break?

If there’s a DJ booked for the evening, we’ll work with them to ensure there’s no gaps in the music between our live sets. If you’ve only booked us then we can supply background tunes before, in-between and after our sets.

Q. Can we choose the set list?

We're very confident that our song selections will ensure everyone has a good time but are also able to take requests from yourself and your guests so if there's a song or two that you'd like to hear on the night, we would need at least 4-6 weeks notice to give us time to learn and rehearse the songs.

Q. What will you be wearing?

We will dress as smart musicians. There'll be no stonewashed ripped jeans (unless it's a barn dance) and we'd have to hire a tuxedo if that's your vibe.

Q. Do we need to provide anything else for you?

No...but it can be a long night playing so any refreshments are always welcome.

Q. What happens if one of you is ill?

We have a number of stand in musicians that can cover anyone in the band. We won't miss your evening.

Q. Do we need to hire a separate DJ?

Jon DJ'd once...

A separate DJ playing before we start and after we've finished is a good idea. However, if you're working to a budget then we can supply music instead or if you create a playlist on your phone or tablet to personalise the day then we're happy to play it through our sound system.

Q. Our venue is quite small – how much space do you need?

We'll fit.

Q. What happens when you arrive?

We'll arrive at least 2 hours before we're due to play. Set-up and a quick soundcheck usually takes 1hr then we'll limber up (have a shandy) whilst we await our moment.

Q. How do we book you?

Email, or ring Jon on 07854 841283. You can discuss your plan for the day and then expect an email with a price. To book, we'd ask for a deposit to secure the date then the remainder of the money on the night.

Q. Will you learn our first dance?

We'd love to. We'd need at least 4-6 week notice to give us time to learn and rehearse the song.

Who Are Honey Fungus?

Honey Fungus have been playing together for years now and after hundreds of weddings, parties, bar gigs and festivals, if the band is on stage, it’s going to be another night to remember.

Angharad Kellie


Angharad's voice is unforgettable and truly makes every performance a special one

Jon Kellie

Vocals, Guitar

Jon plays the guitar like nobody else and sings like he means it. When Jon plays you won't be able to control your feet.

Mat Badger


Mat likes to hit things with sticks, and somehow he makes it sound good.

Christian Senior

Bass Guitar

Chris lays down a four string groove to Mat's drum bashing.


Come on, let's make some music

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  • “You guys rocked our wedding. Well, I think you did...I don't remember too much” — Joe and Claire

  • “Heck of a dancer, loved the "Face". Jon's none too shabby either, he can make that piece of wood sing like a bird” — Jenny

  • “What? Married? Who is? Oh yeah I guess. Nice party though” — Libby and Ant