About the Band

Live Music for Weddings, Parties and Functions

We served our apprenticeship in the local pubs of Pembrokeshire and soon decided that playing for people and doing what we loved for a living was how it was going to be. We started to head further afield in the uk for gigs and ended up in Europe for five years playing residential slots at ski and holiday resorts.

We came back to Pembrokeshire to settle down and start a family and now live in a lovely little village, not far from the sea. We play music every week and still look forward to every time we step onstage together.

Over the years, we’ve steadily been adding more musicians to the fold and are very happy with the band family now. We have our good friends Mat on drums, Chris plays bass and our massively talented trombone player Joe, joins us for the big party gigs.

We've been playing with these guys for years now and after hundreds of weddings, parties, bar gigs and festivals, we know that if we have the band onstage, it’s going to be another night to remember.

Honey Fungus are now a sought after wedding and function band playing in and around Pembrokeshire as well as further afield.

Who Are Honey Fungus?

Honey Fungus have been playing together for years now and after hundreds of weddings, parties, bar gigs and festivals, if the band is on stage, it’s going to be another night to remember.

Angharad Kellie


Angharad's voice is unforgettable and truly makes every performance a special one.

Jon Kellie

Vocals, Guitar

Jon plays the guitar like nobody else and sings like he means it. When Jon plays you won't be able to control your feet.

Mat Badger


Mat likes to hit things with sticks, and somehow he makes it sound good.

Christian Senior

Bass Guitar

Chris lays down a four string groove to Mat's drum bashing.


Come on, let's make some music

If you're looking for a Pembrokeshire wedding or function band, or you need a band for a party further afield then get in touch.

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  • “You guys rocked our wedding. Well, I think you did...I don't remember too much” — Joe and Claire

  • “Heck of a dancer, loved the "Face". Jon's none too shabby either, he can make that piece of wood sing like a bird” — Jenny

  • “What? Married? Who is? Oh yeah I guess. Nice party though” — Libby and Ant

  • “At one point she was singing AND flossing, at the same time! I've never seen anything like it” — Susan